The company, Fishing weights Ktistakis Ioannis, was founded in 1947 in Thessaloniki, by Ioannis Ktistakis focusing on the processing and casting of lead. More specifically, by making the weights for the fishermen’s nets of the season, who until then had made the weights they needed for their nets alone, cutting off leaded pipes. This was the first time in Greece to establish the professional weights for nets.

In the years to come, the production of the products is now extended to the construction of long line and line buckets (vertical, trolley, bevel), covering the needs of both professional fishermen and amateurs.

The development of the company is the construction of the well – known Βell Weight in 1967, which is patented (patent 32331).

Today, the company continues the tradition of its founder and grandfather John Kistakis for half a century and is now expanding to an industrial area of 1200sqm in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki, meeting all the specifications for safe casting and manufacture of fishing weights with all licenses provided for by law.

Below you can see all the Patents – Patents owned by Ktistakis Ioannis until today.

1967: Bell Weight (PID32331)

2010: Nickel  – Chromium Plating (PID1007164)

2016: KTISTAKIS Weight (PID 1001023)

2019: Patent Expected

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