Types of accumulators


  • Starter accumulators (vehicles, motorcycles, farm equipment, seagoing vessels)
  • Sealed accumulators (alarm, special installations, etc.)
  • Traction batteries (industrial, transport, etc.)
  • Static accumulators (telephone installations, UPS, etc.)
  • Nickel-cadmium accumulators are mainly used because of their high resistance to adverse environmental conditions.


Accordingly, the above accumulators can be categorized as follows:


  • Accumulators of capacity Ah <30
  • Accumulators with a capacity of 30 <Ah <90
  • Capacity batteries Ah> 90


Accumulators of category 1 = Ah <30 are mainly used as motor starter batteries, low power farm equipment, special installations, alarm, static accumulators and medical facilities.

Accumulators of category 2 = 30 <Ah <90 are mainly used as starter batteries for vehicles, boats and medium-sized agricultural equipment.

Accumulators of category 3 = Ah> 90 are mainly used as starter accumulators for large industrial vehicles, traction batteries, static accumulators and industrial plants.

There is an increase in accumulators using vehicles between 30 <Ah <90 and an increase in vehicle batteries with a capacity of> 90, while there is a reduction in the number of batteries of <30, due to the reduction in the sale of motorcycles – mopeds.

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